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 v1.0-BUILD 2003.02.03

Welcome to the truly free
Mepham Alumni Message Forum.
Your hosts are
Annette Bucemi-Cinelli, Jeff Lieberman, '74;
Rich Grandwilliams '70; & Roy Probeyahn '56

It is owned & operated by Mepham Alumni for all Buc's;
past & present.
Absolutely Free; No Ads, No Pop ups, No Spam !
Our members attended
Wellington C. Mepham High School,
Camp Ave, Bellmore, Long Island, N.Y.
Original High School of the Bellmores & the Merokes.
We are here from forums on Classmates & Delphi
seeking freedom from fees, spam, ads & pop ups.
All topics are welcome.
Simply register to enjoy meeting Pirate friends
from over the years, as well as new ones.

We ask you to please use a name that moderators or members can know you by.
Please avoid numerical id's.
Rules for use of the Forum include:
Do not advertise or use e-mail to spam members or visitors.
Please respect the rights & feelings of members, moderators & visitors alike.
We recognize disagreements may occur;
we trust you will exercise restraint.